Attractions of Muszyna Town and Spa Commune

Muszyna Town and Spa Commune shape over 725 years of history and traditions. It is a region of wonderful landscapes, exceptional attractions and a great number of interesting monuments. So far, Muszyna Region has concealed mysterious past, which has not been clarified yet. It can be proven by the remains of the former Muszyna Country, also called Kres or Klucz Muszyński which existed in 1391-1781. Nowadays, a lot of nationwide events are organised annually in this famous and mountainous resort, which borders with Slovakia. The most famous one is Mineral Water Festival. It gained a huge popularity among patients. Furthermore, it attracts a lot of tourists. Muszyna offers a great number of attractions and possibility of interesting leisure activities at any time of the year. Well-equipped sport facilities in Muszyna make that everyone, who likes active form of recreation, finds what he or she is looking for. There are: modern multifunctional fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, skatepark, zorbing, archery and paintball fields. Furthermore, it is possible to ride quads, scooters, trikkes and ski-trikkes.