Gardens and Parki Zdrojowe in Muszyna

Sensory gardens – also called gardens of senses. They are a pleasure to one’s eyes thanks to the variety of beautiful plants. Furthermore, one may enjoy tasting fruits from shrubs and trees, such as: sweet cherries, raspberries, apples and aronia. In the gardens, one may spend the time actively by exercising on different sport equipment which is adapted for elderly people, as well. It also enables admiring the panorama of landscape. On a clear day, the Tatra Mountain Range on the Slovakian border may be seen from the viewing tower. Sensory gardens are a special place for newlyweds because there is a possibility for them to plant their own love tree - a symbol of well-being, happiness and blooming love for their coming years.
Location: Muszyna, Al. Zdrojowa (Zapopradzie spa district) on the hill above sanatoriums
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction, adapted for disabled people

Mysterious garden, with recreational ponds, resembles the Greek or Rome gardens with statues and steles. When visiting this place, one may feel as if he or she was antique Perseus who goes into Medusa’s garden which is full of statues of people. 10 unique figures, made of sandstone and representing Muses, Greek gods and the seasons of the year, are placed in the area of 27 thousand m2. Among them, there is an interesting monolith sculpture, representing the spring, which resembles Dionysus – the god of wine, great fun and attraction, which Muszyna is not lacking in.    
Location: Muszyna, Al. Zdrojowa (Zapopradzie spa district) behind Antoni mineral water pump
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction, adapted for disabled people.

Biblical gardens – are the latest attraction of Muszyna. This masterpiece of gardening was presented in the convention of three temples: Jerusalem temple, the Church of St. Joseph Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of the messianic era. This extraordinary place presents the image of the Biblical life and the history of redemption in a specific way. Those, who want to understand the events of the Old Testament in a better way, are welcomed
Location: Muszyna, ul. Kościelna
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

“Baszta” Park zdrojowy – There are the ruins of the castle, two mineral water pump rooms, outdoor gyms, sport fields, stone chess boards and the summerhouses. Those, who appreciate relaxation, may enjoy sunbathing on the beaches on both sides of the picturesque cascades on Szczawnik stream. There is also a bicycle path that runs through the park. It links with the green trail which leads to Jaworzyna (1114 m AMSL) -the highest peak of the eastern range of Beskid Sądecki.
Location: Muszyna, ul. Zazamcze  
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction
Walking promenade in Żegiestów – patients and tourists may walk down the promenade which runs on the mountain slope in the central part of the health resort. There are summerhouses by the promenade where one may stay away from the fast pace of life and listen to the soothing bird song. During the walk, it is also possible to quench the thirst thanks to the generally available mineral water founts.
Location: Żegiestów, the centre
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction


(Park Zdrojowy – a spa district in the town)