Natural attractions

Poprad Landscape Park – Muszyna Town and Spa Commune lie entirely within the Poprad Landscape Park which was created in 1987 and covers the area of over 54 thousand ha. It is one of the biggest landscape parks in Poland.

Las Lipowy Obrożyska – nature reserve which was built in 1919 as one of the first reserves in independent Poland. Nowadays, it covers the area of 100,38 ha. 4,2-km educational trail goes through the reserve. It is marked with white-green square. The oldest trees are almost 200 years old. Furthermore, there is one of the biggest mainstay of the fire salamander in Poland.
Location: Muszyna, the most convenient access to the educational trail is on ul. Lipowa, the entrance is from the car park side.
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

Hajnik – a fragment of pure fir trees of natural origin and at the age of 130-180 is the peculiarity of this reserve. Some single fir trees are 100-115 cm thick and nearly 40 m high.
Location: the access is from Muszyna through Malnik by the use of the trail to Muszynka (yellow signs), from Powroźnik by the use of the trail to Leluchów and from Leluchów by the use of the trail to Powroźnik (blue signs).
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

Żebracze – the reserve lies within the area of Szczawnik leśnictwo (forestry management), in Piwniczna nadleśnictwo  and occupies the part of Kotyliczy Wierch slope. Beech-fir trees, which the average age is c.150 years, lie on the steep slope of the south-western position, at a height of 700-1000 m AMSL.
Location: the access is from Szczawnik by the use of the trail to Wielka Bukowa (red signs)
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

Ornithological trail – nature trail which runs around Łopata Polska in Żegiestów health resort. The name “Łopata” (“Shovel”) is derived from the shape of the river bend which designates Polish and Slovak Łopata in this place. It is the only place where Poland borders with Slovakia from the northern side. During 2-hour walk, it is possible to familiarise oneself with thirty species of birds which live there.
Location: Żegiestów, Łopata Polska, the trail starts at Wiktor Sanatorium
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

Trips to the forest – they are an interesting form of leisure. Areas of the spa over the Poprad are fertile with mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. It is interesting to note that a lucky mushroom picker found a penny bun in September, 2013 which weighted almost 2,5 kg and the perimeter of its cap was 109 cm!

Figures of flowers – there are a lot of flower figures within the territory of Muszyna Town and Spa Commune. Their magic attracts tourists as a magnet. The area, where hundreds of colourful flowers form different shapes, is an ideal place for taking commemorative photos from the spa. During winter, figures are decorated with colourful lights and ornaments which provide spectacular illuminations.


(Nadleśnictwo – institution higher than forestry management)