Active forms of leisure

Centrum Rekreacji i Sportu [a Leisure Centre] in Zapopradzie – it is a complex of water recreation with swinging bays, Jacuzzi, water slides and a paddling pool for children with fabulous fountains and water ball. It is also possible for the youngest to use a small rope park, inflatable slides and a pool with balls.
Location: Muszyna, Al. Zdrojowa 4, phone 506 067 082
Sightseeing: open during summer season

Swimming pools
Apart from above-mentioned recreation centre, it is possible to enjoy water in several well-equipped indoor and outdoor swimming pools which are in the tourist resorts.

Water ball – the fun is in “walking” on the water in a see-through ball of 2-m diameter. Keeping the balance is not easy, but the fall results in a soft landing thanks to the water which is under the feet. This ball enables us to walk, run, jump, fall down, do flips or rest as if one was in a water bed.

Zorbing – the fun is in rolling down the specially prepared course in a large, 3-5 m ball. Inside, there is another, 2-m ball. The space between them is filled with the air and the reinforcement system.

Outdoor gyms – are special places with the equipment properly selected for general training. They can be used by people at the age of 5 - 105. These gyms are fancied particularly by the elderly people who improve the effects of physiotherapy offered by sanatoriums thanks to their being active.
Location: Al. Zdrojowa (Sensory Gardens), ul. Zazamcze (Baszta Park Zdrojowy), the centre of Milik and Szczawnik villages
Sightseeing: publicly available attraction

Tennis– Muszyna has pride in well-developed tennis infrastructure. There are several tennis courts and squash wall within the territory of the commune.

Trikke – three-wheel vehicles driven by human muscles, which may be run without pedalling and pushing away. It is enough just to tilt them from side to side. Trikke may be used as an addition to skiers training out of winter season because body movements and shifts are similar to carve turn.

Paintball - aims to eliminate (shoot) opponents by using replicas of guns with paint pellets. Specially prepared scenarios (additional tasks) which are suitable for players’ age and skills increase the attractiveness of the game. They are, for example, fortress defence, fight for the flag, protecting the president and many, many more.

Nerf – a game closely related to Paintball, but directed to the youngest players. Arrows made of foam material are used instead of gel pellets.

Shooting sports – it is possible to become familiar with the principles of archery and pneumatic gun shooting under the instructor’s supervision in several centres.

EuroBungy - it is the equipment which enables performing very high jumps and acrobatics in the air (even up to 6m). A person is fastened with special harnesses and jumps the trampoline.

Skate Park – it was created in Zapopradzie especially for roller and skate fans. Thanks to the special equipment, both experienced and amateur lovers of 4 or 8 wheels may improve their own skills.

R/C Models – the game consists in the use of various models of remote-controlled vehicles. It has several variants: 4x4 car racing on a special course with hills; Off-Road challenges, where the vehicles overcome various obstacles, hills, stone mountains, stairs, etc.; and mini-armoured battle with tanks which shoot each other with infrared beam, signalising hits and making noise. They fight on a specially designed battlefield.

Rafting and canoeing – meanders of the Poprad, which make their run through the Beskids as if they were a large blue ribbon, are a perfect place for enjoying rafting, pontoon trips and canoeing. It is possible to go on journeys which are both several-hour long and much longer, e.g. from Leluchów to Stary Sącz.

Fishing – the Poprad, the Muszynka and the Szczawnik belong to the main water areas in Muszyna and its surroundings. These rivers are rich in fishes and encourage active recreation with a fishing rod. The record specimen of huchen, which was 10,5 kg and 1-meter long, was caught there in 2000.
Contact: Polski Związek Wędkarski , Muszyna Al. Zdrojowa 11, Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.  

Off road –  in short: wonderful landscapes, familiarisation with the surrounding nature and a huge dose of adrenalin. Off road is a trip using 4x4 cars which are adapted for driving off-road. The trip is full of incredible emotions and disbelief in the vehicle that may overcome such routes, hills and slopes.

Quads – off-roading, which uses a quad, delivers a thrilling experience for everyone who drives such vehicle. Apart from equipment rental shop in Muszyna, there are also two places for people who have their own equipment. The first one is in Przystań Malnik, whereas the second one is in Rumcajsówka campsite in Jasieńczyk.

Snowmobiles – surrounding areas are ideal places for snowmobile rides during winter. Vehicle power and high-speed driving on the  powder snow leave unforgettable memories of the mountain holidays.

Skiing and snowboard – Muszyna has pride in one of the top ski stations in Poland - Dwie Doliny Muszyna-Wierchomla. The station has the longest lit ski run in Poland which is 2,7 km long. Furthermore, it consists of 10 lifts, which work for 11 km of ski runs. Moreover, the station offers professional terrain park and an Air Pad for safe training of extreme tricks in the air. Within the territory of the commune, there are also more intimate lifts in Żegiestów and Powroźnik.

Ski running – a marked, 3-kilometer ski running trail, which is situated in the picturesque area of the Poprad, is recommended for those, who would like to try ski running. More experienced skiers are offered with 6-kilometerm run from the upper lift in Szczawnik to Bacówka nad Wierchomlą. Złockie offers interesting places for doing this sport, as well.

Ice rink – ice skating provides a lot of fun for both children and adults. Penguins, which help the youngest learners to take their first steps on the ice, are a special offer of this rink.

Toboggan run – is there anyone who wouldn’t like to go back to the childhood, when just after the first  snow had appeared, everyone went to tobogganing? It is easier than it seems to be! The return to the land of childhood is guaranteed thanks to the perfectly prepared toboggan run of the length of 1730 meters.

Dog sledding – it is a unique form of leisure. Meeting with friendly dog breeds as well as the ride itself, leave unforgettable impression and extraordinary adventure of the whole life. When there is no snow, it is also possible to use carriages which are especially adapted for this purpose.

Sleigh rides – a winter sleigh ride is a great fun for both younger and older people. The journey through impassable snowdrifts with torches, which illuminate the darkness of night, is a special attraction. A campfire feast after the sleigh is a Goral tradition. Everyone must try it.

Skiring – it is an interesting and extreme sport discipline which comes from Scandinavia. The fun is in pulling the skier by the horse. Therefore, it is possible to reach high speed even on the flat land.

Trikke Skki – opens new opportunities for everyone who wants to enjoy easy and fast skiing. Three skis give a reliable control of speed and direction. They also provide great fun on the slope.

When the weather is not so good – Wellness & SPA (beauty and therapeutic treatment, sauna, sunbed, Jacuzzi), offered by centres in the spa, may be an ideal complement to the day spent in an active way or just when the weather is bad. Tourists, staying in Muszyna, cannot complain about the boredom during cloudy days, as well. They may use 4 indoor swimming pools at any season of the year. A session in salt cave may be an interesting form of recreation. There is a possibility for playing bowling or billard with friends. PUBs and restaurants provide additional entertainment in the evening.

Professional sport – Muszyna plays an important role in the Polish sport. The four-time Polish champion in women volleyball and prestigious CEV cup winner  - ‘Muszynianka’ - has its seat here. Volleyball matches, at the highest European level, may be seen in its arena.
Contatc: Małopolski Klub Siatkówki Muszyna S.A., Muszyna, ul. Rynek 13, Phone 18 471 83 22

Regular events – Muszyna, apart from its great mineral waters, is famous for a busy calendar of events. Performances of the top Polish music and entertainment artists take place annually in the amphitheatre in Muszyna. “Mineral Water Festival” is one of the most important cultural events in this popular resort. It occurs at the beginning of August every year. The Festival promotes mineral waters not only from Muszyna but also from the whole country. Furthermore, a wide range of attractions will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes of tourists. ‘May Picnic’, ‘Saint John’s Eve’, ‘Jazz Meetings of Galicia’ and ‘the Poprad Autumn’ shall be mentioned among other interesting events in the spa. The full list of events may be found on